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production company based in Lviv, Western Ukraine

Shortly about us

Film production & service company based in Lviv, Ukraine. Our company produced such a movies as U311 Cherkasy (2020), Lew (2017). As a local film service in Lviv and Lviv region our team worked with projects “Ether” K. Zanussi, “Wataha” HBO Europe, “Me, you, he, she” Kvartal 95, “Plan A” SE production, and many others films, series and commercials since 2011.
Our company main specialization is historical films. We successfully work with complex, large city areas, reorganization of automobile and railway traffic, epic streets dressing with war decorations, snow etc. A huge locations database allows quickly create a tender proposals and react for script changes. Many years of experience in large-scale filming guarantees an excellent result.